ProKote Services in the Architectural, Engineering, Automotive, Marine and Aviation Industries, include:

Protective Coatings for:

  • Steel - Painting for the Marine, Construction and Architectural Industries.
  • Concrete - Repair concrete cancers, water proofing, Architectural Decoration and membrane sealing.
  • Stainless Steel - Cosmetic and Protective Coatings, off shore oil rigs and refineries and colour coding.
  • Aluminium - Cosmetic and Protective Coatings, Aeronautics and Marine Environments.
  • Plastic and PVC - Cosmetic, Colour Coding and Protective Coatings - Sewerage Treatment Works, Water Board.
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Inspection Services
  • Shut Down and Maintenance Services
  • Technical Advice

Production Facilities

  • Premises - 3200sqm Floor Space.
  • Cranes - 2 x 10 Tonne overhead Cranes, 1 x 8 Tonne Mobile Crane and 1 x 2.5 Tonne Forklift.
  • Transport - 1 x 8 Tonne Flat Top Truck.

Surface Preparation Facilities

  • Automatic Blasting and Coating machine - 3200mm wide x 600 high and 12 metre conveyors. Able to Blast many profiles with a consistent SA 2.5 Blast Quality and Coating thicknesses controlled to within 5-10 microns. Projects are completed at a higher speed and quality.
  • 2 x Manual Blast Chambers - dimensions 5.5m x 5.5m x 22m and 4m x 4m x 12m.

Coating Facilities

  • 1000sqm of bedspace under full fume extraction.

Site Work Capabilities

  • Fully equipped mobile unit for blasting and coating facilities.

About Prokote

ProKote is a locally owned and operated Industrial Coating Business based in the Illawarra, setting new standards for the Industrial Coating Industry by utilising the latest techniques and practices that the Industry has to offer.

In 2006 ProKote brought together various experts in the Coating Industry to become one of Australia's leading Industrial Coating Companies.

With over 100 years of combined experience, ProKote is now being recognised as an Industry Leader in areas of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety and customer satisfaction. ProKote achieves this by having open lines of communication with it's staff, customers and Government Authorities.

Customers can feel confident that ProKote will perform and deliver to levels never seen in this Industry in Australia before. ProKote's site crews have performed beyond many customers expectations as their testimonials highlight.

Contact Us

6 Marley Place,
Unanderra NSW 2526
Ph: 4272 3411
Fax: 4272 3433