Protective Coating

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Protective Coating

Prokote provides solutions for the coating and protection of various materials in many different environments. Some of the base materials are; –


Paint thicknesses can range between 15 microns to 3000 microns.


Paint thicknesses can range between 15 microns to 3000 microns.

Thermal Spray

We can achieve life expectancy of over 25 years and there is NO limitation on size. Our thermal spray services cover aluminium surface coating, zinc (galvanised) surface coating and a mixture of Zinc and Aluminium at the same time


Repair concrete cancers, water proofing, architectural decoration and membrane sealing. Thermal Spray concrete for Protection from corrosion with either standalone coatings or cathodic protection coatings

Stainless Steel

Cosmetic and protective coatings - off shore oil rigs and refineries and colour coding.


Cosmetic and protective coatings - aeronautics and marine environments.

Plastic & PVC

Cosmetic, colour coding and protective coatings - Sewerage Treatment Works, Water Board

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Prokote also is very experienced and Project Management, Procurement and Inspection Services, Shut Down and Maintenance Services and offers a wide range of Technical Advice.